Who We Are

The Rocket III Owners Club is a motorcycle club dedicated to promoting the ownership of this very special motorcycle – the largest engined production motorcycle in the world.  To be a member you have to own a Triumph Rocket III motorcycle, or be the spouse/partner of an owner when you can be a joint member. Even ex-owners are still always welcome as associate members.

All Triumph Rocket 111 and Triumph Rocket 3 models are welcome,...

Rocket III
Rocket III Classic
Rocket III Touring
Rocket III Roadster
Rocket X
Rocket 3 TFC
Rocket 3 R
Rocket 3 GT

The club exists to provide as much support for owners as possible in every conceivable way. The club consists of a committee (who must be current owners) comprising a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer/Membership Secretary,  Admin/IT, and six area Representatives. The six regions therefore have a co-ordinator at a local level, and the club helps finance regional meetings at least once a year.

The main objectives of the club are:-

  • Promote ownership of the Triumph Rocket III.
  • To raise the general public’s view of motorcycling and motorcyclists.
  • Promote safety, and encourage responsible riding.
  • To provide advice and technical help to all members.
  • To arrange regular meets and ride-out for members.
  • Organise at least one regional meeting/ride-out per year.
  • Arrange one national event, named “The National Rocket Run”.